Olive Oil

ORS Olive Oil Cleansing, Strengthening, Nourishing, Replenishing & Fortifying Bundle (30.7 oz)

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Fortifying Creme Hair Dress (6 oz)The Olive Oil Creme is perfect for dry, thirty hair. Rich with essential-fatty acids, this hairdress or creme infuses moisture directly into the hair shaft. Infuses moisture directly into the cuticle. Increases hair elasticity. Adds deeper, longer lasting Add Shine to the hair.

Moisture Restore Creamy Aloe Shampoo (12.5 oz) The ORS Olive Oil Creamy Aloe Shampoo gently cleanses, leaving hair tangle free and soft. Formulated with Olive Oil, Aloe Vera, and Panthenol to remove buildup, moisturize and impart Add Shine. Suitable for all hair types.

Strengthen & Nourish Replenishing Conditioner (12.2 oz)The ORS Repleshining Conditioner deeply penetrates to restore moisture and add shine to the hair scalp. Formulated with Olive Oil, Sweet Orange Oil and Marine Proteins, this conditioner fortifies and balances moisture and protein levels, resulting in stronger, healthier hair that is shiny and manageable. Suitable for all hair types.

Perfect For:

  • Anyone needing intense moisture, elasticity and long-lasting shine
  • Anyone lacking shine, moisture, softness or experiences overly tangled hair
  • Anyone with chemically treated or natural, weakened hair that lacks hydration and shine

Recommended Use:

  • As a daily treatment styler
  • As an overnight leave-in treatment
  • Can be used as an overnight treatment
  • As a neutralizing shampoo
  • As a weekly shampoo
  • Work the desired amount into wet hair, massaging to create a rich lather
  • Rinse thoroughly and repeat application as needed
  • As a conditioner to balance hair's pH levels while strengthening and moisturizing
  • As a treatment for hair needing strength, shine and manageability
  • Ideal for think, curly or relaxed hair types
  • Perfect for anyone with chemically treated or natural, weakened hair that lacks hydration and shine
  • Suitable for all hair types needing restoration

Key Features:

  • Helps strengthen hair
  • Improves hair's elasticity
  • Adds deeper, longer-lasting shine and moisture to the hair
  • Imparts lustrous softness to the hair
  • Can be used as an overnight treatment
  • Deep yet gentle cleansing for relaxed hair
  • Removes dull relaxer build-up.
  • Detangles while adding shine and luster
  • Combines the power of nourishing Olive Oil and Aloe Vera for a double dose of moisture
  • Detangles while adding shine and luster
  • Fortifies and balances moisture and protein levels
  • Balances pH of the hair after shampooing
  • Strengthens and imparts natural shine to the hair

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It’s amazing


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veronica h. (Dallas, US)

Brown items and never received items

Dear Veronica,

We checked on possible touchpoints and did not encounter any gaps in the order, fulfillment, and/or delivery. We are very sorry for your inconvenience and would like to know better what was the cause of the issue since all our records show that the order was processed without incident.


Good product

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