Namasté Laboratories was founded in 1996 by Gary Gardner. This company was founded to address the health-conscious, multi-cultural consumer market.



Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil launches first product - Olive Oil Créme



First out-of-home billboard ad is posted. After the success of Olive Oil out-of-home, billboards and transit became part of media mix each year following.



First ORS Olive Oil commercial spot airs featuring Built-In Protection Relaxer.



Organic Root Stimulator name change to ORS and expands product offering to include its first natural hair styling line, Curls Unleashed.

Going Strong


Namasté celebrates its 20th Anniversary, now part of the global Dabur family.



#NoStereotypes Campaign Launches. #NoStereotypes is an empowerment movement to encourage women of color to embrace who they are, and share unapologetically with the world. We believe Beautiful Hair Comes in All Types. Not Stereotypes.

New Look


Along with new product launches a new look emerges and sets the brand stage for the next consumer generation.

1) About 

Namaste Laboratories, LLC is a licensed personal hair care products manufacturing organization located in Chicago, IL, United States and conducts business under the hair care brand Organic Root Stimulator (ORS™). It currently operates and is present within the United States, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and Caribbean Region of North America. 

The company is dedicated to identifying holistic, innovative remedies for the healing and renewal of hair, skin, and body. Namaste Laboratories, LLC has developed   an exclusive range in such categories as: hair and scalp restoration, therapeutic, chemical reformation, styling aids, and hair and scalp maintenance. These products follow consumer’s demand for natural products. 

ORS™ Organic Root Stimulator was the original differentiator the organization introduced to the market, which helped launched its first product and subsequent product line which was later renamed and now known as ORS™. This brand specializes in the ethnic hair care market and is comprised of the following sub-brands: 

There are a total of 175 companies in the corporate family that Namaste Laboratories, LLC belongs to.  

2) History 

Namaste Laboratories, LLC was founded in 1996 by Gary Gardner. The Namaste is a story of how Kellogg alumni couple Gary and Denise Gardner grow their Namaste branded hair care line from production at the family's kitchen table into a formidable $80 million (US) empire within a 14-year period. The Gardners come from a longtime hair-care business lineage, the Soft Sheen dynasty, started by Gary's father decades earlier. Soft Sheen was sold to hair care giant L'Oreal for over $100 million (US). The Gardners claim Namaste's growth occurred through listening to the needs and desires of customers for healing hair care products that reminded them of nourishing household remedies.  

In 1998 Namaste Laboratories, LLC launched the Organic Root Stimulator™ brand. In 2012 the Olive Oil Crème  brand name was  simplified to the ORS™ acronym that is currently in use today. That same year the first styling line, Curls Unleashed ™ was launched which was later followed by HAIRepair. 

3) Acquisition 

FMCG major Dabur India Ltd. completed the acquisition of Namaste Laboratories, LLC in 2010 for $100 million (US) (about Rs 451 crore) and its three subsidiary companies — Hair Rejuvenation & Revitalisation Nigeria Limited, Healing Hair Laboratories International, LLC, and Urban Laboratories International, LLC along with its South African arm. 

Dabur India Ltd, is an Indian multinational company, founded by S. K. Burman which is headquartered in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh state. Dabur India Ltd. manufactures a variety of Ayurvedic medicines and consumer products. It is  one of the largest fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies in India. 

4) Products 

Namaste Laboratories, LLC develops hair and skin care products for the healing and renewal of hair, skin, and body. They offer an array of products including relaxers, oils, shampoos, hair crèmes and more under the Brand Name ORS™ Haircare

ORS™ is branded under three categories Olive OilHairepair and Curls Unleashed. They provide a wide range of hair maintenance and styling solutions for all hair types, textures and styles especially designed for African American and women of color.